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The last episode bookends the pilot as well, in several ways

This more often than not results in you backpedalling away madly with a Raptor's mouth trying to latch onto your face. Ragdoll Physics: The original. In some cases, it was actually more advanced than modern games; for instance, every dinosaur is actually a ragdoll constantly animated via inverse kinematics, instead of using fixed keyframe animations....

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I’ve long lauded the pleasures of the mini bag. Cute, compact, and yes, scaled to my petite size, how could I not? So I couldn’t...

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While it’s entirely possible that keeping secrets make people

And that's where the "chicken and egg" dilemma comes in. While it's entirely possible that keeping secrets make people physically sick, it's also possible that the people who are more likely to keep secrets are predisposed to these illnesses. In fact, that's precisely what Anita Kelly, a psychology professor at Notre Dame, discovered after studying...

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