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Sealed Evil in a Can: Actually an evil genie/eel in a bottle

Bling Bling BANG!: Weapons made out of gold from the Axe Cop universe. Power Up Food: Fruit, but only if it's from the Axe Cop universe. There's also Power Berries. Used several times, as when the sailors are being huddled up on the deck for execution Cheap dehumidifier cannabis, or when...

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She Hermes Replica Handbags directly killed Kakizaki

Affectionate Parody: Of low budget Spanish language action movies, most of which were released Direct to Video stateside. While Axe Cop is clearly channelling Malachai's crazy imagination, he's identified as being Ethan's avatar somehow. Consequently, its host's most powerful attack when not fully transformed, Lariat, has his Battle Aura take the shape of a bull's...
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It not only reduces the company expenses but also keep the

Cute Monster Girl: The female player characters, even when the males are more monstrous. Usually averted with female monster enemies, who are just as monstrous as their male counterparts, but there are some exceptions. Dance Battler: The Masqueraiders use a variety of breakdancing moves and somersaults in their main attacks.

Replica Goyard Bags Despair Event...

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