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The Bearbershop Quarter shoot sound waves of their obnoxious

Better as Friends: Thorn and Fone Bone. Probably for the best, really. Big Bad: The Hooded One, aka Briar Harvestar. Big Damn Heroes: The Great Red Dragon on numerous occasions. Lucius at Sinner's Rock. Fone Bone was this in the climax of Old Man's Cave, and again when he came to Thorn's rescue...

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Manipulative Bastard: Oh boy

All There in the Manual: Companion fic Code Geass Colored Memories, it's main focus is on the POV of Kaguya, Suzaku and Kallen. It also add background stories to many characters like Colonel Kusakabe. It fleshes out other events that happen before or during the timeline of Colorless Memories, along with worldbuilding the...

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